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High Speed Dubbing


This isn’t usually my sort of thing, or at least not what I’d got after. But Aus is one of the most interesting labels around, certainly since I started writing, and Will (Saul)’s got some proper A&R skills. I’ve been into Simple since the beginning, but not everything they put out on the sister label was my cuppa before, but this is a fantastic remix of a fantastic original EP from Midland. Just really love the percussion, and it just builds and builds, never loses momentum.

There’s another mix from Motor City Drum Ensemble as well. There’s so much good house music I’ve listening to at the moment (Kate Simko EP on Leftroom is sensational), but this stands out.

Enjoy, digest, comment.

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The Shakes


I don’t often get recommended the same album by almost eveyone I talk to music about down here, but this was the case with Alabama Shakes. Yews, Hold On has been rinsed on 6Music, almost to the point where it wore thin, but in terms of ‘sound’, I really think there’s something glorious old fashioned about this album. I’m still getting my head around it at the moment, as it’s only come out this month, but I’m looking forward to a good discussion on this one. It’s not blown me away at first listen, but then albums I love rarely do. I’m going to need to give this a good week or two.

Sorry for the lateness this month Brothers. It’s been a bit busy of late. Hope this is worth the wait.

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Beware Greeks bearing prog

OK. You know when you never knew something and then you find out and you have a great big WTF. I just had one of those moments today of musical WTF-ery.

So it turns out Demis Roussos – terrible Greek lounge singer of the 70s – used to be in an insane prog-psychedelic band with Vangelis, writer of the Chariots of Fire and Bladerunner soundtracks???!!!

Some things are almost too good to be true. Check this out. AWESOME doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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Keaton Henson

I’m not sure what you guys have heard about this guy… if anything. I must admit I was a bit 50/50 from write ups about him. Apparently he is really shy and only recorded hgis album in his room, it got some great acclaim…. and then it was re-released by Sony. When I read that I put the reviews on the back shelf and let him be. I stumbled across him again a few weeks ago, and to be honest, I was wrong. I like the guy.

I suppose it’s a shame that I was rating the guy on who he has released music with. To be honest if I was and A&R from a major I would want to sign him. He’s very familar but stands on his own at the same time.