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March Album Of the Month: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

A bit late on our March album brothers, but I do think it’s worth the wait. 

Brother David and I were having a chat last weekend about Kendrick Lamar’s last album. I can’t remember the exact words but in short we both agreed that we were big fans, but it did take a while to get what he was about and what he was doing with his music. If album 1 was a slight climb to get to it, this is a steep hill. 
When I approached ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ I was ready for something different, but what I was presented with was a curve ball. It would have been very easy for Kendrick to continue on from where he had last left us and what he has shown between albums with guest appearances; amazing lyrics and one of the most versatile flows in current hip hop. Big beats and solid lyrics, job done. To be honest I would have been more than happy with that, in-fact that’s what I wanted from this album. Sadly for me this isn’t the case… luckily for me it’s much better. 
I will give you a couple pieces of advice. Firstly, listen to this album end to end. I found it a bit hard but it’s worth it. When you listen to it end to end, do it again… and for me much fell into place. 
I think many artists have tried with mix reviews doing an album with a jazz foundation. Kendrick enlisted the likes of Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin and Thundercat who had input on the majority of the tracks. Now I’m not big on jazz but I even know who those guys are. 
This album is an adventure and lets you in the mind of King Kendrick. This is a guy with allot to say, and I think has put it across in a way that has made me think more than a few times when listening through. There are allot of political thoughts, thoughts on society, and thoughts on his day to day. Hip hop, soul, jazz, punk, metal, etc. What ever genre you’re in it’s tough to put accross an album with impact…and he has. Is there a message to this album? Yup, arguably a few. 
The first single “I” was great, and the album version still is. The second single “The Blacker the Berry” hits pretty heavy but within the album ads allot of context and lets the penni drop in many ways for what he’s done with the entire effort. Pitchfork compared his albums to how Spike Lee does films. It’s a pretty spot on analogy. This album is full!
Hats off,  two weeks in “TO Pimp a Butterfly’ is still giving me more and more. I think this has potential to be an all time classic. 
I digress, brothers I look forward to your thoughts and hope you enjoy this as much as me. 
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Sufjan Stevens

Lovely new track from Sufjan Stevens upcoming album. Back to basics and simple production / instrumentation. This is one I’ve been looking forward to this year. Sounds right up my street, an album full of heartbreaking songs about his recently lost Mum. Grab the tissues.

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I Love Makonnen

I’m not claiming to be up on anything new here but I am really enjoying this, more so than anything like this that I’ve heard for some time.

The three tracks below are from a self titled 7 track EP.

Is the EP having a re-surgence in the digital world? I always though downloading would destroy the LP as an art-form but it seems to have increased the release of EPs? Not sure if this is correct or not but it feels that way?