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Sufjan Stevens – Video Game

It’s difficult to know what I really expected the next Sufjan Stevens song to sound like following the epic 12 minute+ ‘America’. The track list for the new album dropping at the end of Sept. was shared recently showing that ‘America’ will close the 15 track album out.

This track ‘Video Game’ will feature as third track on the album. And it couldn’t much further from America. The video features Tik Tok sensation Jalaiah Harmon performing her viral ‘renegade’ dance … which doesn’t really fit but of course in context does. How did that conversation go ‘Hey Jalaiah, do you want to star in a music video for a song about not wanting to star in music videos?’

For the avoidance of doubt … I love this.

Romare – ‘Gone’

I love ‘happy 6 music’ accidents. On Saturday I was driving with child 2 (only 5 years old but preternaturally ‘musical’, he can sniff a groove out like truffle pig). We had 6 Music on, Jamz Supernova (w was in for Mr. Peterson and after a short introduction from Romare, she dropped the opening track of his new album, Gone … and the car went wild! Sammy loved it. Every beat of the 8 minutes. It’s a belting track that I love. The album is strong and tight too. Possible choice for Album of the Month in Sept. as it’s my choice. 



Michael Kiwanuka – Final Days (Bonobo Remix)

Two of my favourite artists, and a track / album with things brimming to be remixed. I always though Kiwanuka’s music would work well as a remix – certainly for his looser, slower tracks – and this hits that head on. It’s not a big revision, but it just does it in a simple, beautiful way.