God squad

So what the heck is this? It sure is interesting. I can’t make head or tail of it but I *think* I really like it.
This is the exciting thing about the post iPod generation – the mix of influences are nuts. The Guardian called him the ‘male Lorde’. I don’t know about that, but this sure ain’t like anything else I’ve heard. Bon Iver meets Earl Sweatshirt, anyone?

Nuff wood

Wow, so I have a new favourite EP. No nothing of this guy til I heard this. Friend of Jamie Woon’s, done a bunch of remixing but this is his first release. I only have so much time for glitchy, squelchy stuff, but this is FRESH. Love the garagey vibe, digging the loved up thing, love how accessbile and open it feels.

The whole EP is a belter. File under: RECOMMEND