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Are we allowed to post about this, or is it Brother David’s kick off? Feel free to tell me to sling it and I’ll delete.


First impression, I’m really not sure. It’s pretty way out in terms of pop, even electronic pop. In fact it seems almost like an album of intersting electronic stuff where she’s a guest vocalist. The vocals are drowned in fx so much and sit back in the mix a lot so it’s difficult to to really work out what’s being said or what the sentiment is, so it’s not really connecting with me on the first listen. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some really cool sounds in there, and there’s a lot to love. I think it definitely feels like an album that needs some investment in time in order to appreciate it, but I thought I’d post this up either way, as first impressions are interesting when you look back. I’d go as far to say that I’m often surprised how much some I’ve abolsutely hated at first have gone on to be some real favourites (off the top of my head Hot Chip’s The Warning… yeah I know!).


Anyway, intriguing choice Brother David. I have read a few things about Grimes before I’d heard her music and I’ll be honest when I say some of it really grated. The whole “ooh, I’m so creative, and I express myself through my music, but I’m crazy and i’ve done lots of drugs and I make my own clothes… etc etc”. YAWN. So I’m fighting my own preconceptions here too.


I look forward to getting to know it better, and to see what everyone else thinks.

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I like this. A lot. Instant first impression, and while I’m a fan of White Stripes, and know some of their stuff, I don’t really own it and have any allegiance to it. But this is much more – so far – than some of the brash unreconstructed stuff they did that I knew, so it’s refreshing. This is the single, but it’s not really the best thing on there either.


In short though:

1) I like

2) I wish I’d chosen this for my month!

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A Night At The Opera


This was the album I’d have given you if I’d had May. 

They’re a band with one guy at the centre, but really there’s lots of stuff on there. Guitars, piano, synth, electronic bits, interesting cut up vocals, and quite an epic feel to it. And unashamedly so, which I really like. No “oh, this sounds a bit much.” It’s just big sound, but there’s emotion and feeling there as well.I saw them live for a brief time last year and am gutted I missed them last week. Work, bloody work.

Their album was out last week and I’m really enjoying it so far. They also have good beards.


DISCLAIMER: A mate of mine looks after them, but I’d heard this track and an EP before I’d even realised, and still loved it. So there.



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Lower Dens

I’ve been waiting for the album for some time. This track was put out there a few months ago and I loved it. I am not looking for any sharing of that love here, I don’t think this will be a fave of us all but this is not far from a blue print for what I like. Its a single. Its 5 mins. 0-1min is an atmospheric build of dare I say it ‘soundscape’. As much as Brother David loves a tune, I love a layer and then 10 more, I love a texture, an atmosphere. All words that make you sound like a muso wanker … and I don’t care.