Todd Terje: It’s Album Time

So, this is going to be an interesting one.

Again I won’t pretend I know more than I do. Scandinavian producer chap release well reviewed singles, gets criticised for sounding like elevator music and then drops ‘Johnny and Mary’ cover with Bryan Ferry and everyone starts paying attention.

If truth be told, if it wasn’t for that cover then we probably wouldn’t be here with this as album of the month. If you’re expecting 10 tracks out of the Johnny and Mary mould then you may be disappointed. What you do get is a relatively odd mix of tracks, all instrumental other than the cover. Some stand by themselves as tracks but all do meld together as an album.

If you can approach this as a complete work rather than singles & album tracks then I think it hangs together well. It makes me smile. It ticks all the boxes in terms of being playable whenever (work, evening, in the car, Silvia likes to dance to it). I’d say get right in and spend some time with it. It does give a lot back.

April Album Of The Month: Space Dimension Controller – Welcome To Mikrosector-50

The first time I came across Space Dimension Controller was at ADE in 2012, and I honestly knew his stuff only by name. I knew he was from Ireland, so it’s fair to say that I was a bit thrown by what was coming out of the speakers: the sound of a throaty deep black voice over a Prince-like groove. I had to stand there for a few minutes to see what was going on, but it became clear he was doing a live effected vocal, and it kind of blew me away.

Come through to 2014, and I’ve finally got the album after months of being recommended it, and what an odd, strange, brilliant, crazy beast it is. A concept (ugh) album of sorts, with the ‘Space Dimension Controller’ a futuristic time traveller arriving back on his home planet to odd goings on. It sounds preposterous and daft, but then you realise the guy is in his early 20s, and he’s making music that sounds like a melting pot of Prince, Rick James, Mike Oldfield, Afrika Bambaata, Josh Wink and you start to realise the guy has chops.

On top of that, there’s something quite endearing about an album that reminds me of some of the semi-B-movie films of my youth (think The Running Man and Total Recall). It’s a bizarre package for a 20-something Irishman to make, but I’ve not heard anything like it in the last ten years, and the more I listen, the more it grows on me.

So, here’s April’s album of the month. Listen, enjoy (I hope) and comment away….