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March: Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune

Happy March, and after a short but very enjoyable couple a months of classic albums I’m bringing the clock forward by a few years.

Let me introduce you to Dan Mangan and his most recent effort from last year; Oh Fortune.

Dan Mangan was my most listened to artist last year. I don’t particularly remember if I liked this whole album at once or bit by bit. Either way it has become a very old friend that I continually come back to.

For me Dan Mangan isn’t your run of the mill folk singer. What I love about him is that he seems to have a wonderful way of letting you into the honesty and thoughts of his world. I love how he lays little gems of fantastic lyrics throughout his songs that sometimes you have to dig for, but are wonderful and very touching at times when you find them.

If you google him you will find a fair bit of accolade from across the globe and a few interesting documentaries as well… but I encourage you to leave that for now. Just give a bit of time to ‘Oh Fortune’ in the car, on the tube orwhilst you’re knocking about the house.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have brothers and I look forward to your feedback.