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High Speed Dubbing


This isn’t usually my sort of thing, or at least not what I’d got after. But Aus is one of the most interesting labels around, certainly since I started writing, and Will (Saul)’s got some proper A&R skills. I’ve been into Simple since the beginning, but not everything they put out on the sister label was my cuppa before, but this is a fantastic remix of a fantastic original EP from Midland. Just really love the percussion, and it just builds and builds, never loses momentum.

There’s another mix from Motor City Drum Ensemble as well. There’s so much good house music I’ve listening to at the moment (Kate Simko EP on Leftroom is sensational), but this stands out.

Enjoy, digest, comment.

6 thoughts on “High Speed Dubbing

  1. Well I consider this a compliment. I’ve never been a fan of the whole dubstep/house crossover that much. Nothing wrong with it, but just passed me by. But Midland’s been making some fantastic house, and this remix is a good example of the potential for the two genres to borrow off each other with decent, instead of shit results.

  2. Gosh. This is really very good indeed. I can tell just from the first listen. Makes me want to hear some more.We do post some bloody great music on this blog, even if I do say so myself!

  3. This is a nice little tracy guy. I have AUS, it always seems to release a track that slides into my top ten picks of the year. Will Saul is a great A&R!

  4. I was pretty sure you’d be on the Aus list (or at least Tailored). Will’s a top bloke and he’s got some pretty awesome records on both labels. I’ll continue to post the good stuff I come across, share the four-four love.

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