10 thoughts on “Major Lazer: right between the eyes

  1. I think that is a pretty heavy statement. It’s a good song though. Looks like Switch and Diplo are finding a nice sound together. I though their first album was a bit too much in some ways.

  2. If any song is a grower, it’s this one. The more I listen, the more I love.Also LOVE the peculiar, melancholy video. Like the dude of dudes has lost his powers somewhere in a corner of the universe.

  3. I like Major Lazer (in small doses) and I like the Dirty Projectors (in large doses). I should love this. I do. I love this. It’s very ‘The Knife-Like’ though. Very The Knife. I also love The Knife so go figure.Damn. This is really good. REALLY GOOD. Ouch!

  4. I could be a grower, on first listen it sounds like a track that was made in 1978, which I like. But it’s not blown me away. I will continue to listen Brothers. I have to admit, while I’ve been aware of them, this is the first Major Lazer track I’ve ever listened to. Their stuff isn’t really my bag usually, and I think the M.I.A. association switched me off, because most of her stuff does my head in.

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