October Album of the Month: Maribou State – Portraits

Welcome to October brothers, and my pick for the month “Maribou State – Portraits”.

I think it was around 2004 – 2005 that myself and brother Joey used to meet on a Sunday with whom ever else we could recruit and head into Chapel Allerton to Angel’s Share for what was aptly named Sunday Sessions. We’d eat, drink, talk lots of rubbish, drink some more and enjoy the usually top notch music that they used to play there. I loved those days that rolled into the very late hours and looked forward to Sundays more than the weekend Friday nights and Saturday nights. One week I made a mix inspired by those Sunday sessions, I loved that mix. I believe I passed around a fair few copies of it, but I have no clue where my copy is and I nobody else does either (I’m gutted by this yearly). When I first heard this album it really reminded of the feeling I was going for with that mix, and in-turn reminded me of those Sunday Sessions.

Maribou State were recommended by a friend in the early summer. The first track I heard was ‘Midas’ and was hooked right away. The album was ordered, I loved it, and it’s been in heavy rotation since. I like this album because it flows nicely, because they use different vocalists, because the pace changes, and because it takes me to the same place that mix CD used to.

I’d like to say this is a good album for October, when the pace slows, it gets chilly and everything seems a bit calmer. It does fit well, but I also think it worked well with the summer and might even fit with winter and spring though I’ve not had a chance to test it in those seasons yet.

Lets hope you get the same vibe off this as I do… enjoy brothers.