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Some 4 x 4 Beats

Now then brothers, I have thrown together a mix of some of the tracks that have been doing it for me out and about on the 1’s and 2’s over the last few months. 





Ornette – Crazy (Noze Remix Extended Club Version)
Daniel Bortz – Rescue Me
Digitaria, Funky Fat – You Bring Me Down
Karmon – Turning Point
Adriatique – Body Movin’
Karmon – Wowshit
Nice7 – Time To Get Physical
Christian Burkhardt – Delight
Chopstic & Johnjon – Listen
Jaxson & David Keno – Save Yourself
Burnski & MANIK – You Know What It’s Like
Tiger Stripes – This Man (Adana Twins’ Thursday Disco Vox)
Habischman – We Started Dancing


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No title needed

When the music is THIS good.


New track from Tom Demac, a massively underrated producer with a new EP on Hypercolour’s sister label, Glass Table. There’s not much more to say about Obstructing the Light other than that it’s an example of what a great electronc producer gets to make when he’s let off the leash. Let him off more, I say.


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AUGUST: A big wardrode like synth



While I know there’s a distinct love of the electronic on here, we’ve not really had an out-and-out electronic album up for the Brothers yet. And I’ve come across one this summer that I’m really really enjoying. It’s not a whack-you-over-the-head one like Justice or Daft Punk, nor is it uber-cool soundcapes a la Shed or Something Else. But I’ve been a fan of Simian Mobile Disco for a while, but never delved too much into their music up to now, not in album form. They’ve done a pop album a while back that had some intersting tracks on it, but appalled fans of their dancefloor stuff. Then they did Delicacies, which was the opposite end of the scale, and a bit too growly for me.

But James Ford and Jas Shaw are two lovers of analogue, and that I like very much. They’re two endearlingly nerdy, very English guys, and when I saw them at Sonar talking about the album and their music, it was hard not to get drawn into their own take on it. Jas Shaw’s pet project is a wardrobe-sized modular synth, which they take out on the road at times, and live, they’re actually an outfit that really can claim to create pretty much everything on the hoof, far away from laptop/ableton jockeys. Their music’s across the whole spectrum, but listening to Unpatterns, there’s a proper actual knowledge of the past that comes through and colours everything they do. The music is warm, plump, punchy, solid….. they know what they’re doing, basically.


So, enjoy. I didn’t get blown away by this, but I didn’t want to be. I just wanted a collection of electronic tracks that crossed the genres that were made by people that gave a fuck and that wanted people to listen as well as just dance.


While you’re there, I highly recommend their RA Exchange interview, here:

And not just because I was sat there, hungover, nodding, all the way through.