Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

I heard this the other night for the first time and it was a game stopper. Really looking forward to this album if this is anything to go by.



  1. David Allison

    Heavens. This is fantastic. Albarn’s got to have had something to do with this, right? It’s got his fingerprints all over it.

  2. misterstory

    … yeah but what’s Bobby Womack ever really done? … oh yeah, everything.It’s track after track quality heaven on This Is Not Happening. I feel like I need to find a gem. This is a beautiful track.Apparently Albarn has co-produced the whole album?

  3. Guy Hornsby

    Wow, that’s an amazing record. I could listen to Bobby Womack all day. Across 110th Street is one of my favourite soul records of all time. And his vocal was the best thing on the last Gorillaz record. I will be very much looking forward to the album.

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