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Best Hip Hop Track Ever …

So, what is the best Hip Hop track? Full stop (period) (etc).

I drive around a lot in work and ask myself such pointless but entertaining questions. Obviously we could debate this for every genre … but I thought we could start a debate on Hip Hop.

I am going to suggest 5 nominees. Perhaps we all could?

I thought about suggestion a debate on the criteria initially including the obvious question …. what is Hip Hop? But I thought ‘nah’ let’s just see what we come up with. My choices are dictated by my age to a degree ….

Here’s my 5;

(the short list included Outkast BOB, Lupe Fiasco – Push Kick, Salt N Pepa – Push it (oh yes), A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario, Notorious BIG – Hypnotize, Wu Tang Clan – Cream,

1) Eric B and Rakim – Paid in Full

2) Public Enemy – Fight The Power

Full 7 minute video that was never played on MTV

or alternatively the opening credits to ‘Do the Right Thing’ (the best opening credits in cinematic history?)

3) Luniz – 5 on it (is this choice controversial? one hit wonder … stone cold classic)

4) Dead Prez – Hip Hop.


5) Kanye West – Jesus Walks

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Eska: Shades of Blue

Had an amazing moment the other day when I heard this on the radio and HAD to find out what it was.

This, Brothers, is Mercury nominee Eska, about whom I knew absolutely zilch. It really is worth checking out the whole album, it’s a peach. As we know from past neo-soul albums, they can get a bit tired and a bit like pastiche. This is as fresh as a daisy. I love that I can hear Prince AND Joni Mitchell in there, as well as the more obvious soul influences.