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November Album: Van Morrison – Astral Works


So it’s my kick at the can as we continue delving into classic albums that have a special place in our music libraries. 

Like everyone else I have been racking my brain to bring an album to the table that isn’t already in your record collections but also deserves to sit next to two great albums from the Talking Heads and Bob Marley respectively. 

I have chosen Van Morrison’s first solo album: Astral Works. 

My history with this album to be honest with you is fairly young. You will often find it in top 50 ‘Greatest Albums of All Time’. That said, I have traditionally avoided it as it always was put across as Van Morrison’s less successful album. I find other albums painted with the same brush are placed in lists to be ‘controversial’ or show off a writer’s music knowladge. When I fell across this album a few years ago I was proven wrong. 

Van Morrison is known largely for the music he made whilst fronting the band “Them’ who were responsible for classic tracks ‘Gloria’ and ‘Here Comes The Night’. After ‘Them’ separated, Van Morrison moved to New York to work on a solo career. Sadly the music he wanted to do wasn’t what his label wanted him to do (the oh so familiar story). Subsequently Van Morrison was blacklisted from doing gigs and releasing music for a few years. This album was written in that time. The result is a very raw honesty from Van Morrison that set a standard for many artists of his generation. 

I’m going to avoid pointing out my favourite tracks as I think the whole album is amazing. I say that knowing that it look me a few listens to get into it at first. Personally I think you should start the album on ‘Sweet Thing’ (which is the third track) and listen to the first two tracks last. 

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do. 

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Smoky Dawson



As they say, one good turn deserves another. Here’s my latest mix for you to download and enjoy. 


Climbers – Equal Responsibility 

Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal Mix)

Ben Pearce – What I Might Do

Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusty Remix)

Luca C & Brigante – Flash of Light feat. Roisin Murphy (Solomun Mix)

Miguel Campbell – Rockin Beats

Tapesh & Dayne S – Don’t You Know

Catz N Dogz – They Frontin’

Kolombo – My Own Buisiness

Mat Joe – Heat To Find

Inland Knights – Same Talk

Fabio Giannelli – Maintian


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Killer Mike – Reagan

There seems to be an on-going conversation on this blog about Hip Hop and it’s state; and the lack of being able to relate to it. 

I have slept on Killer Mike to say the least. Over all I don’t like Southern Hip Hop, but I’ve been getting into Killer Mike latey. With that he’s come through pretty strong with his latest single. It’s pretty heavey.



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Grizzly Bear

I recall we have a few Grizzly Bear fans on here. Has anyone got Shields, their new album? I’m a huge fan of Veckatimest, and heard this was more mainstream. It definitely is, but I like it for that. I’m only really listening to Yellow House now, which I’m enjoying, but I have to admit I’m really enjoying the direction they’ve gone into. Yes, the songs structures are more vanilla, but they’re still more ambitous than a lot of other bands around. There are some fantastic songs on there, one of which is Yet Again, below. Opinions, brothers?