Hot Knife

Thought I’d share this with the Brothers. ‘The Idler Wheel is Wiser’ by Fiona Apple was one of my favourite albums of 2012. Its mostly sparsely instrumented (piano), unconventional singer song writer fair.

This is not the most obvious track to share but I though the Paul Thomas Anderson video made it something of a spectacle. I’ve decided against the album as an album of the month as I don’t think you guys love emotionally unstable women as much as me.

Anyway, hope you enjoy on some level

New Beats…. Luz Del Sol

Some new beats for the summer months for your ears.

Tracklist –
Dinky – Fallen Angel
Luca Bacchetti, Guti – Loneliness
Anna Schneider – Stay Quiet (Dub Version)
Jamie Jones – Moan & Groan
Quell – Loose Meanings
Mikalogic – Nectarina
H.O.S.H. – Lifeguard
Just Be – Don’t Make Me Wait For You feat Jess Monroe (Magic Mix)
Forest – Creep
Alex Blaxx – The Evening News (Straight House Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu – Running In Circles
Dino Lenny – Waiting For The Daylight (Instrumental)

July’s Album: Jake Bugg

For July I have chosen the debut album for Jake Bugg. I admit that I caught the train on this one a  it late; a year after most. Basically I thought that he was just another label puppet that was a flash in the pan. This time around I’ll admit that I was wrong. After hearing a couple tracks that I liked I decided to give the album a go and I’m happy I did.

There is an often comparison between Bugg and Bob Dylan. This I can see but have tended to like him a bit more to Paul Simon.

The track that earned my attention was Seen It All, and grew from there. Jake Bugg can sing and can write brilliant songs as well. He’s versatile in how he approaches songs. Sure he sounds like a few legends out there but what’s wrong with that? You have to pull your influences from somewhere.

I like Jake Bugg. Apparently he’s working with Rick Ruben on his next album which will be a good match. In the mean time I hope you enjoy his first offering as much as I did.

What’s floating your boat?

Kanye/Vampire weekend aside, what’s been on rotation lately? What’s been stuck in your headphones?

Things I’m loving at the moment: 

Jagwar Ma

Ms Mr


Chic (all 4 inspired by Glastonbury)

Daft Punk

Endless mixes from Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston (in their A Love From Outer Space guise)


John Grant


What about you lot?