7 thoughts on “OC & Apollo Brown

  1. That’s some heavy shit. Really loving that. Who is this? What’s the background for these guys?

  2. It’s big. It’s meaty. I like. But boy it sounds like something from like 15 years ago. No bad thing of course, but is it pushing it forward to ‘some next level shit’ Nolan? 😉

  3. OC has been around for a while now. He’s part of the whole DITC crew (Showbig, AG, Big L, etc). Apollo Brown started sneaking onto my radar just over a year ago. He’s beats are pretty big. As I say, the album should be a belter, it’s out next week.

  4. I’m not embarrassed to admit I’ve no idea who any of the people you’ve just referred to are. I love hip-hop, but listen to almost no new stuff (as a lot just doesn’t really grab me) but I may give this is ago. Top work brother Nolan.

  5. Between A&Rs and rappers … today’s posts are a who’s who of people I don’t know. I am so far away from the loop let alone in it.

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