Get Yr Psych On!

A veritable flurry of new mixes on the way. This one couldn’t be different from its predecessor.

GET YR PSYCH ON: “A magic carpet ride through modern psychedelia.”


Intro / Magnetic Tales       Broadcast & The Focus Group
Je suis la montagne        Moodoïd
I Come From the Mountain        Thee Oh Sees
The Alter        Wye Oak
Eyes Be Closed        Washed Out
Giant Tortoise        Pond
Girls With English Accents        Fergus & Geronimo
Colours to Life        Temples
The Be Colony      Broadcast & The Focus Group
Devastation        The Besnard Lakes
Endless Shore        Melody’s Echo Chamber
Golden Artifact        Sleepy Sun
Luxury        Blludd Relations
Helicopter        Deerhunter
It’s Working        MGMT
That Town        Napoleon IIIrd
Apocalypse Dreams        Tame Impala
Teen Dreams        Hookworms
No Real Reason        White Denim
with spooky musical interludes from    Broadcast & The Focus Group

David Bowie & James Murphy – SONG ORGASM

So we just died and went to heaven, right? I mean, I dreamt about LCD doing a remix of a Bowie song, but not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine it would be this good!

Heard a lovely interview with Murphy where he talked about how much he shit himself about doing a good job. And get this, he didn’t even sample the Ashes to Ashes piano, he worked out how to do it and recorded it himself, clearly along with every other part of the track save the vocal.

Never heard a remix that opens out a song so much before. It’s astonishing. First time I heard it, it took my breath away. NB Listen to the whole thing, it’s worth waiting for!


New beats for a new season……

Trackist:Booka Shade – Love Inc
Zoo Brazil – You Don’t Know Me
Manuel Moreno – The right One
Kid Culture – Nu Age Humming
Mikalogic – Antivirgin
Nice7 – Do It
Dusky – Careless
Heston – Downlow (Bontan Mix)
Jack Priest – Get Up On and Dance While The record Spins
Hausworks – Worth The Wait
DIANA – Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix)

OCTOBER: Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe

I feel a bit of a fraud writing an introduction to this album. I’ve barely had it any longer than you guys have. This is not an album that I’ve lived with for a long time. Its not a band that I’ve followed and developed with. As with many of my ‘discoveries’ Pitchfork bought it to me. I have an infinity with their ‘best new music’ tag. Pitchfork tend to keep true to the premise that the winners of this tag should represent a quality that music fans can access even if the genre is not to the listeners usual taste. This album scored 8.5 and the coveted ‘Best New Music’ award.

When I first heard the album it reminded me of The Knife, Deep Cuts album. This for me is a good thing. There were also shades of Passion Pit and even some stripped back M83. In short, it was reminiscent of music that I like and own. What hit me very hard however, was how bright it was. I love the clarity and pronouncement in the production. What I feel is tough to miss is the strength of the songs, this is a long list of powerful pop tracks with very little fat.

I am interested to note its longevity as I am not sure at this stage if it will stay with me for a prolonged period of time?

Brothers, what do you think?