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Keaton Henson

I’m not sure what you guys have heard about this guy… if anything. I must admit I was a bit 50/50 from write ups about him. Apparently he is really shy and only recorded hgis album in his room, it got some great acclaim…. and then it was re-released by Sony. When I read that I put the reviews on the back shelf and let him be. I stumbled across him again a few weeks ago, and to be honest, I was wrong. I like the guy.

I suppose it’s a shame that I was rating the guy on who he has released music with. To be honest if I was and A&R from a major I would want to sign him. He’s very familar but stands on his own at the same time. 



11 thoughts on “Keaton Henson

  1. Hey Nolan. Now, I like a bedroom recorded album. I like lo-fi, even though lo-fi these days is so good it can’t really be called lo-fi. I also like a good singer song writer. I think this guy … is good. I will admit i’ve only been through those tracks once though I did give them a really good listen to with a very ernest and serious face. The thing with the rapid increase in recording tech and the internet is that it (along with other art forms like photography) shows how many talented people are out there. The problem then lies in that you have stand out from all of these taleneted folk some how. Here are some suggested ways (i) be very lucky (ii) be very fit (iii) be immensely talented. On first lisetn, I don’t think this guy has enough to set him apart from a lot of other (predominantly) vocal and guitar singer songwriters. A few of those songs were very reminiscent of Elliot Smith (whom I like very much). I will listen some more and re-ponder.

  2. Ha. That’s what I’d thought as well. I’ll try and listen. And if I don’t jog me. Work still currently making my life hell. GAH. I do like some of Elliot Smith though, for what it’s worth.

  3. I’m afraid I want to stab him and his cutesy videos in the face with a fork.He sounds like a sixth former doing an impression of Bright Eyes to try and get off with a girl.Sorry. I’m sure he’s really genuine and a lovely guy and his voice really does warble that much of its own accord, but he’s not my bag. Shoot me if I’m being rude. I give you permission.

  4. Brother David is so aggressive for a vegetarian. ‘I want to stab him and his cutesy videos’ is the quote of the blog so far.I’ve gone through them again and I don’t think its all as bad as being worthy of knife crime but for me it’s not touching the sides.

  5. It was the videos that tipped me over the edge. The baby owl puppets. The bloody baby owl puppets.

  6. I almost spat my drink out when I read that post Brother David. You are one mean motherfucker when you want to me. I have no problem with a bit of smartly-written vitriol. We shouldn’t hide our opinions on here. In fact some days I survive on it. I’ll let you know which side of knife crime/cutesy I fall when I’ve listened.

  7. Hmmmmm. Sorry, not for me. I was hooked in initially by the Bon Iver-esque guitar, but once the voice started it just grated. Which is a shame, as the guitar is really nice, and there’s some rough-and-ready melodies, but then it almost sounds purposefully done, and then the videos….. THE VIDEOS…… Utterly twee, crappy, ridiculous nonsense. And the whole ‘Keaton Henson presents’ crap? Seriously, what is this, Hype Williams? Nope. And that ruined it for me. Yes, it’s about the music, but the whole packaged feel of this, despite the fact these may have been recorded in his garage, just felt overdone. Sorry! I’m halfway between Brother Joseph and Brother David. 4.5/10.

  8. I’ll be honest. I didn’t really watch the videos. Just listened while I was working. I have bought the album and like it to be honest. I think all three of you are being a bit harsh to be honest but fair dues. This is the whole point to the blog and the music co-op. On a side note, I do think that brother David’s Ghost writing for an un-named ghost show on Living TV (season two coming soon) is leaking into your life. Less on the scary threats and more on the recommending some good music. ;0) x

  9. Threats? What threats? All I did was suggest I wanted to stab a guy I’d never met in the eye with a fork.

  10. So, in summary, 2 of us watched the videos and hated Buster Keaton. 2 of us listened and one of us like and one of us that it was pretty good. I think someone needs to get this irrefutable market research evidence to the record company before David stabs all the owls up.

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