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Killer Mike – Reagan

There seems to be an on-going conversation on this blog about Hip Hop and it’s state; and the lack of being able to relate to it. 

I have slept on Killer Mike to say the least. Over all I don’t like Southern Hip Hop, but I’ve been getting into Killer Mike latey. With that he’s come through pretty strong with his latest single. It’s pretty heavey.



5 thoughts on “Killer Mike – Reagan

  1. I have to admit I really don’t listen to much new hip-hop (bar Q-tip, and that was about 5 years ago) any more. Unless you count Kanye and Jay-Z, who are hardly new (but still great). I’m pretty out of touch with it these days. Mostly as I am often multi-tasking and it’s really hard to listen to rap lyrics and concentrate on anything else. But my days of hip hop are decidedly old school. I’ll give this a whirl though.

  2. OOoooof. I like this. I like this. This is what Hip Hop should be. Boooom. Is there any album? Is it worth listening to? Nice find.

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