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Climbers — Equal Responsibility

Get Physical Music have always been very strong in their releases, though I seem to fall in and out of the direction they are going. That said, as of late I’m loving almost everything they are releasing. Amongst the gems from September there’s this little gem. 


2 thoughts on “Climbers — Equal Responsibility

  1. …. Im getting old. I am old. Its nice I guess. I think I just don’t really have much of a relationship with music intended for clubs these days. I have no problem with quality artist albums from knob twiddlers … but this just makes me feel old and wrinkly. I did tap my feet if that helps? I could do a Dad dance?

  2. Ok. Its a bit of a grower isn’t it. It all warms up towards the end. I did my little Dad dance in the end (while sitting down writing a proposal.

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