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Lower Dens

I’ve been waiting for the album for some time. This track was put out there a few months ago and I loved it. I am not looking for any sharing of that love here, I don’t think this will be a fave of us all but this is not far from a blue print for what I like. Its a single. Its 5 mins. 0-1min is an atmospheric build of dare I say it ‘soundscape’. As much as Brother David loves a tune, I love a layer and then 10 more, I love a texture, an atmosphere. All words that make you sound like a muso wanker … and I don’t care.

3 thoughts on “Lower Dens

  1. Hey. I love a drone too. I LOVE this.See, we’re coming full circle. What is this influenced by? Surely there’s a whole lot of Station to Station era Bowie in this?Who or what is Lower Dens please?

  2. Hmmmm. It’s ‘interesting’, definitely. The snare starts to grate after a bit, though there’s bits of Bowie, Joy Division, LCD and all sorts in there. It’s really desperate to be made in 1981 though isn’t it? Jury’s out for me. But then I’m a bit drunk. So god knows.

  3. I think its a little earlier than 81 but all of the influences are in there. Lower Dens is a female fronted American (I think) outfit. This is album no.2. No. 1 showed promise but little else. I got the album last week and it is good. Very good. More of the same but wrapped into a complete album once more. This is the most radio friendly track but there are some other strong radio friendlies along with some unashamed album tracks.Question: Is having an album with a track with a Part 1 and Part 2 a good sign? I tend to think so 🙂

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