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A Night At The Opera


This was the album I’d have given you if I’d had May. 

They’re a band with one guy at the centre, but really there’s lots of stuff on there. Guitars, piano, synth, electronic bits, interesting cut up vocals, and quite an epic feel to it. And unashamedly so, which I really like. No “oh, this sounds a bit much.” It’s just big sound, but there’s emotion and feeling there as well.I saw them live for a brief time last year and am gutted I missed them last week. Work, bloody work.

Their album was out last week and I’m really enjoying it so far. They also have good beards.


DISCLAIMER: A mate of mine looks after them, but I’d heard this track and an EP before I’d even realised, and still loved it. So there.



4 thoughts on “A Night At The Opera

  1. I don’t believe this. I just wrote a long response to this. Where’s it gone? THAT’S SO ANNOYING.In short: it’s really nice. But is it too nice? All those lovely major chord arpeggios. He sounds like a nice guy from Brooklyn who’s been listening to too much Sigur Ros. I was sort of waiting for it to find a chorus that never quite arrived. But is IS very nice and lovely. So perhaps it’ll grow…

  2. Hmm, I do like this though it’s not jumping out at me to be honest. You reckon the album is worth it then?

  3. Just a postscript to this: I really really like this, 5 or 6 listens in. It’s just lovely electronic-tinged pop stuff that is very uplifting, and I can’t really fault that. I find it difficult not to want to listen to this a lot. Anyone else had a crack at their album? This isn’t the best track on it by a long way.

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