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Twin Shadow


Right then Brothers. This album is on it’s way to you. I have a dispatch notice for David’s copy but Guy and Nolan, Amazon seem to have left you until tomorrow.

So what are you getting in the post? An album that crept up on me big style. It was release in the Autumn of 2010 which is when Silvia was born. I think I say it crept up on me as we played it a lot but we were living such a whirlwind of new baby and very poorly mother that I don’t think it sunk in for some time. But then it did. I find this album hugely infectious. I think it is likeable. Very much so.

It owes huge nods to 80s new wave pop and much more. One point sounds like depeche mode, some points sound like Morrisey but all of it heard through quite a spacious production of simple synth sounds and rhythmn guitars. It sounds fresh and old fashioned (I am avoiding saying retro cause I don’t think it is) at the same time.

Brother David has a ‘but where are the tunes’ test for music that I think is admirable. For me, the answer to that question for this album is ‘everywhere Brother David’.

Anyway, listen without prejudice, in its entirety, preferably in the evening or whilst walking with headphones on! Thats my favourite environment to listen to this.

Enjoy Brothers.ow

26 thoughts on “Twin Shadow

  1. Excellent stuff. I am very much looking forward to this. And in an ‘RIP Music Co-op Mk I’ stylee, I listened to Gold Panda again yesterday, and very rewarding it was too.

  2. Ha. Glad that Gold Panda is still giving. For me thats instant smile music.I would have thought that Twin Shadow would have been with you by now?

  3. Woo Hoo. I was listening to Spotify artist radio yesterday (same as Last FM idea) can’t recall who for but a track came on and i though ‘Do I know this? its damn good, and it was Twin Shadow’. I was happy all over again.

  4. So I have had this in the car over the last 5 days. I must admit it took me about 5 listens to start getting into it. The lead song is ace and had me hooked right away. After that I struggled a bit to figure out what the album was about sound wise as it seems to jump all over the shop. Morrisey, Depeche Mode and a bit Bowie in bits you can tell are major influences. After you get past the comparisons a lovely thing happens; you start feeling the influences and seeing The Twin shadow put their own influence into the sounds that stand out at first. I agree with Joey that this is an album full of more than enough ‘tunes’. It’s a great album that grows on you in a fairly infectious manner. I’m looking forward to letting it continue growing on me. Brother Story you have done well!

  5. Nice one Brother Kane. To be honest. I slept on this for a while … actually, not slept on, I played it a fair bit but I think it didn’t register for a bit, then BAM it did and I was like, I love all of these tracks!For the record, Twin Shadow is one dude. I think he wrote it all and pretty much played it all (wrote the theme tune, sung the theme tune) so it is a one man vision and I think this comes through really strongly. Basically this album is all about his youth and awkwardness growing up as a black kid in NY who loved English 80’s tunes. If you have the time listen to a couple of tracks with the lyrics in front of you. There’s some great writing.’as if it wasn’t enough just to hear you speak, they had to give you lips like that’

  6. I’m still in an early relationship with this one. It’s got that strange almost over-familiar sound – all the early 80s influences are present and correct, but I can already here a clear vision and some strong songwriting coming through. Think it’s going to be a real grower.Incidentally, in London all next week, so you may not hear much from me…

  7. So. Sometimes, as I get older, I wonder if great albums pass me by because I don’t have the chance to listen to them properly. It was easy as a teenager. I’d buy the album, take it home, then lie on my bed listening to it very carefully over and over – and studying the lyrics if they were printed on the inner sleeve.Now? Now I snatch moments here and there. Maybe a few songs in the morning to get my going. Now and again in the car. But do I often get the chance to listen carefully to whole albums in their entirety? Do I fuck?However, last week I was in London and doing a lot of travelling and walking as one does in that sprawling metropolis, and suddenly me and my headphones had some proper time to ourselves. And so suddenly the Twin Shadow went from being something I had kind of dug to something I TOTALLY got. It’s such a smart record – as you say, Joey, it’s an amalgamation of influences but totally its own thing. I do think it loses its way somewhat in the second half, but the first four or five songs are something else. A real find.The moral of the story? Try and find time in this crazy world for a bit of aural one on one with an album.

  8. Brother Allison,I am glad that this has hit the spot. I was really unsure which way to go with my choice for you guys. Do I go for something that I think is a perfect ‘album’ or go with something that I love. There is exposure in both. I chose the latter. You’re right, it does loose focus a little toward the end of the ‘2nd side’ but that effect does diminish with time. I have always thought that reviewers should post their album reviews on release and maybe 12 months later. I truly believe that good music has a living breathing organic identity that has the capacity to grow and mold itself into and with you. This album certainly did this for me and it sounds like it is starting to with you. Interestingly, my favorite environment to listen to this album is when I am in London with work and walking/tubing around. Glad you found the album doing the same!

  9. You know what, I have no idea what’s happened to my copy. I got it, opened it, and that’s the last time I saw it. If I can’t find this tonight I’ll buy another copy. I have a nasty feeling I may have cleaned it into the bin. Which is criminal. Especially judging by the responses here!

  10. Right, following my brain fade, this is now arrived (for the second time). First responses coming soon…..

  11. I’ve listened to this a good few times now. Maybe 3 or 4, and it’s growing on me slowly. There’s an indefinable ‘something’ that I can’t put my finger on, maybe it’s the guy’s voice – part Matthew Dear, part Ian McCulloch (seriously) and others I can’t place – and then music that edges between the likes of Depeche Mode, David Byrne, Matthew Dear, Morrisey/Smiths, and all sorts of others. I feel I should’ve heard this all before, but it’s not jaded nor a lazy tribute. It’s not easy to get straight into either, which I also like. In fact I am anticipating this just growing and growing. In short, it’s right up my street, in an unprepossessing way, and a proper slow burner. I look foward to more listening and enjoying, but am suffering from an unachieveable set of workloads at work, weekends away, and also being out of the country, so I’m behind. Worth the wait though.

  12. Glad you’ve enjoyed your early interactions with this Guy. I had it on the other day and really enjoyed it once more. There’s some great lyrics in there.

  13. Oh good. I find it quite unnerving suggesting albums like this. Sometimes I get really nervous that other people won’t like it and I’d hate that cause I love it so much. I do worry a bit too much.

  14. Hey. Thought I’d check back in and see if this is still getting a play from anyone? I have phases with this record and am currently having a phase. Its like I rediscover it all over again. I find it really nostalgic. Not just for the musical references but for the memories of when I bought it i.e. my girl being born.New track from upcoming 2nd album

  15. I still really like this. And you’re right, there’s a very nostalgic feel to the whole thing. So much of it sounds like it was made 15 years ago, but then you listen again and it’s like it was made last week. I do really like it. I don’t think it’ll ever give me a "wow" factor, (like LCD, Hot Chip, Radiohead) but it’s very good.

  16. I *love* this record. It’s become a total stalwart. There’s run of songs, from about song 3 to 6, where every single one is a killer. It’s become my album to listen to when I’m on the Tube in London, which I appear to have been quite a lot recently.Indeed I was just listening to it on Friday…The new song I’m less sure about. The 80s influences are a bit overpowering. But I’ll give it time…

  17. Can I just say, 5 months on, this is a brilliant album. There’s a timeless feel to it that means I often come back to it at various times for the ‘feel’ the songs give me. It could have been made in the 80s, and that’s in a good way. In a sort of post-new romantic comedown way. 9/10.

  18. I am very happy to have introduced this to you then. I keep meaning to post about the new album. I was nervous about the new one coming out as I wanted to love it … and I was so disappointed. It was only ‘very good’! I was actually pretty gutted at first. That timeless feel you speak about was replace by far less subtle 80’s influences that just feel a bit tired now. However. Just like the first album it has grown and grown on me. It still feels a little like a different artist or maybe a side project is fairer … but if you give it the time it needs, its a really good piece of work. Up there in my top 5 for the year.

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