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If you Build, they will come…..


It seems that Hot Chip offshoots are the done thing these days. Not content with the brilliant The 2 Bears, Al Doyle and Felix Martin from the band, and Tom Hopkins. Their album, yesterday was Lived and Lost, is out on Monday and I’ll be seeing them on the 9th at the Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle, supported by The 2 Bears.

It’s an interesting prospect, and from the first singles I’ve heard (head here for a preview) they sound pretty epic and electronic. The usual talk of Depeche Mode, Arthur Baker et al influencing them is a bit cliche but judging by their alumni I’m really looking forward to hearing the album. 

They’ve started up their own label, Lanark Recordings, to release it all as well, so it’s always nice to have new independent imprints popping up.


Have a look for yourselves:

13 thoughts on “If you Build, they will come…..

  1. I think I like this. This is much more up my street than the 2 Bears thingy. Is that a Saxaphone put through a distortion pedal on the 1st track? Nice touch if so.

  2. Mmm. I must admit that I’m extremely underwhelmed. I might be judging prematurely, but there’s SO much music around like this – it’s really got to stand out if it’s going to make an impression. And to me it just doesn’t. No point sounding like Arthur Baker unless you’re going to be amazing. This falls some way short.Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but I just can’t see me sticking with it.

  3. Each to their own. It’s about time we had some disagreement on here. (you’re wrong obviously hehe). I know what you mean. They wear their influences on their sleeve big time, but then I like how this sounds. I’m not a slave to the likes of Baker, Moroder et al even though they are amazing, but I can’t tell you what to like either. Well, I could, but you could tell me to bog off too. I love it, so ner.

  4. In the interests of balance, I saw these guys live on Friday night and they were brilliant. Much more raw and loose than on the album (which I’d also recommend – lots of 80s influences like Talking Heads, Roxy Music et al) and Al Doyle was a surprisingly good frontman. I know it didn’t float everyone’s boat, but I can’t stop listening to it.

  5. I need to give this a real go. As I said on another post I don’t get chance to listen to stuff I don’t physically own … should I buy it Brother Guy?

  6. I’d have a listen first, on Spotify if you can. I absolutely love it, but I know that from previous responses from the Brothers it wasn’t everyone’s cuppa. What I would say is that this track isn’t representative of the whole album. It’s not all euphoric stuff. There’s quite Roxy Music-y stuff (Medication, Misery Loves Company), sort of 80s guitar licks and synths. There’s semi-techno jaunts (Behind The Shutters), then some quite electronic pop, but much more guitar-led than Hot Chip’s stuff, and a different character due to Doyle’s voice. There’s a bit of everything though, so have a listen. There’s a player here: interested to know what you think.

  7. Mr Story, you ever manage to give this a whirl on the listening link? Be intrigued to know what you thought.

  8. Yeah. The single isn’t representative of it at all. That’s pretty ravey, but there’s all sorts in there. Talking Heads, Roxy Music, Depeche, and slick 80s style pop. I absolutely love the oddness of it. Clearly a side-project but great nonetheless. Medication is cracking.

  9. Yeah I got a fair bit of Talking Heads too. Medication is great. My little girl started dancing to that straight away. It was shit dancing. Absolutely terrible. But you’ve got to love the reaction.

  10. Yeah that’s the standout for me. Along with Misery Loves Company and Silence and Muttering, though it sort of has a great ability to, depending on how you’re feeling, giving you a different experience each time.

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