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Clams Casino – Instrumental Relics

I’m not sure if you’ve all come across the name Clams Casino before? He’s a hip-hop producer that while not single-handedly, was massively responsible for huge shifts in the direction of the genre. He produced beats for Lil B, ASAP Rocky and Soulja Boy, yep, a bunch of artists I know next to nothing about or if I am honest care for that much. I remember at the start of this blog a mini-album he released was nearly an AOTM choice form me … I can’t recall why I didn’t choose it.

I’d be lying if I said I’d followed his career closely but he’s continued to produce high quality instrumental hip hop since. And has now gone back to early recordings and mixtape tracks to curate an album of ‘instrumental relics’ including instrumental versions of some of his better known productions for Lil B and Asap Rocky.

The album, given this genesis, is surprisingly coherent. It hangs together beautifully. It’s great for working too. But more than anything for me, it shows how much better his music is than 99.9% of the musical-prozac-blah of the 8hr long spotify instrumental playlists designed for ‘focus’ or ‘study-beat’s etc. This is the sound of an artist blowing most of his peers out of the water.

Here’s a little glimpse into how his music sounds standalone vs. with Lil B …

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