7 thoughts on “How did I miss this?

  1. Noooooooooo. No way. I’ve danced with you to this track. There is no way you’ve not heard this before. Thats … like totally implausible!!!??? Tell me it’s not true. It’s from Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump. Released in 2000 (ouch!). I 100% recall discussing AOI: Bionix (Trying People) with you in your (then new house) in Gledhow Valley.

    1. Er … hello … soz! I totally thought David posted this! That explains this random sounding post. As I’ve never actually met you the above is pretty inaccurate!

  2. How….how…how did you not ever go to to a party where this was played? That is crazy! This and the Lucy Pearl that Joey just posted are two of my all time go-to party songs if I’m spinning the discs. STONE. COLD. CLASSICS.

  3. Ha ha good times. Sorry for the miss-reading-posting. I think I’d had a drink! We need to collate some tunes like this around themes like this and create some playlists / mixes. Can’t believe we don’t have a spotify identity!

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