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New Breeders Album …

… and it’s really good!

One that sounds like the Pixies;

One that sounds like …. the Pixies?

There are tracks that sound less like the Pixies too.

I am really enjoying it. Wish I’d gone to see them in Manchester now.

3 thoughts on “New Breeders Album …

  1. Not acceptable, Brother G, but we’ll let you off.

    Wow. I think I need to check this out, Joey. It sounds suprisingly fresh. I mean, it’s obviously The Breeders, but I’m loving the energy.

  2. Give it a go. You could argue it runs out of steam towards the end but on repeat listens those songs are strong, they’re just not bangers like the opening tracks. Once again, track sequencing in the digital age results in sub-optimal listening experiences? All the bangers are shoved early in the album so people listening to streaming / samples of tracks focus in on the hooks etc and buy the album. Thats my theory anyway. Never would have happened on vinyl albums. Old man rant over.

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