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Introducing Nilufer Yanya

Good Sunday Morning Brothers.

Again, as per ‘Pa’Lante’ I’ve been meaning to write about Nilufer Yanya for over 6 months, never got round to it and keep kicking myself each time she releases something amazing. My main concern is that one of the other Brothers will introduce her and I will be ‘yeah man, I’ve been listening to her since she was recording in her bedroom’ like a proper ageing muso tit.

My intro, as so much of my new music does comes through Pitchfork ‘Best New Tracks’. Looking at a quick Google search she’s been tipped as one to watch by The Guardian and BBC Music. ‘Beautiful, unfussy guitar music’ is such a lovely way of putting it but for me, most of these recommendations miss that I don’t really hear anyone else sounding like this at the moment. Beautiful instrumentation, arrangements, simple but effective production and a voice that is difficult not to fall in love with and fantasise about a deep meaningful relationship with Nilufer!

What do you think ( tip – please listen to the music … not watch the 1st video!)?

Singles/EPs on Spotify in order of release;

4 thoughts on “Introducing Nilufer Yanya

  1. I THINK I like this. It’s got something, hasn’t it? One of those things were it’ll worm its way under your skin…or you’ll get bored. Will check her out, cheers Joey.

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