Hookworms – roll up for your LCD fix and more

Long time since I’ve been as taken with an album as the new Hookworms album. As a local band, I’ve kept an eye on them for a long time (they’re FEROCIOUS live), and have enjoyed their heavy Krautrock workouts, but I wouldn’t say that either of their first albums have stayed with me that much.

All that has changed with the new album, Microshift. It’s a complete reinvention of everything they’ve done – suddenly full of wide open spaces, electronics and dance rhythms and MJ’s voice – which you suddenly realise is actually brilliant. I have been playing it to DEATH for the last week.

Bearing in mind this blog’s collective love for LCD, Hot Chip et al, I’d be absolutely astonished if there wasn’t a fair bit of love for this. I urge you to listen to the whole album in one go. It’s still an indie record, sure, but it has its eye on so much more than that.

I also love the way they’re using their sound to really dig at real stuff. This is about depression and the death of a friend and other disaster – and finding a way out of the other side. It’s compelling and really life-affirming. Again, James Murphy would be proud.

This is an absolute contender for album of the year for me, and yup, it’s only Feb.

7 thoughts on “Hookworms – roll up for your LCD fix and more

  1. Never heard of them before – are they Leeds based? I had a listen yesterday in sub-optimal circumstances, children running around slipping on floors and denting heads etc but I like what I heard. It really reminded me of some late naughties stuff like Passion Pit which I am a big fan of. Will keep listening, thanks for sharing. We have a lot to listen to this month.

  2. Interesting. I’d be up for this being AOTM. I’ve only been aware of them in passing, but this sounds good. I think the vocals are very much like the Rapture, which is no bad thing at all. I will investigate.

  3. I know what you mean, Joey. I love that I can hear their Britishness. Their Northernness even. I feel like they’re taking dance-psych and DOING something with it, making it mean something new. That sounded a bit Pseud’s Corner, didn’t it? Ah well. I know what I meant.

    Happy to do this as a proper AOTM if you guys fancy it. I think it’s a major work, I really do.

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