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Kendrick et al. – Black Panther Soundtrack

The Black Panther soundtrack was released yesterday … Kendrick Lamar has writing credits on all tracks and appears on a number but most importantly his finger prints are all over this one. Some great guest appearances and collaborations. I’ve only heard through a couple of times but considering its a ‘Various Artists’ soundtrack it hangs together really well.

5 thoughts on “Kendrick et al. – Black Panther Soundtrack

  1. It looks like quality soundtrack. And Kendrick’s pretty much the only new guy that I’d want to listen to anything they did. For an old bugger like me, that’s something.

    Oh, and i REALLY want to see the film.

  2. Yep, the film sounds great. I am not sure how much of this music is actually in it as technically this is ‘music inspired by the film …’ there is a conventional soundtrack too. I think Stacey and I have a very rare opportunity for a cinema trip on Friday – not Stacey’s thing but I can probably talk her into it.

  3. The film is AMAZING. Like, blow your socks off amazing. I can’t believe how good it was. The soundtrack is definitely a really integral part of it and has some stand-out moments. Seriously, go and see it!

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