4 thoughts on “KH – Question

  1. I love 6 or 7 minutes of a good idea as much as the next man. My 2nd fave The Field album (VERY high praise) is looping state of mind, about 10x 6 minute tracks all built around one loop … but to David’s point, they all go somewhere even if only through very subtle sonic changes. Each of those tracks builds you up and plays with your ears. This didn’t do enough with its 7 minutes. I assume you’d be happy as a DJ working it into the mix and fannying around with it but as bloke listening while he’s working I wanted it do something as special as the loop deserves …. but it didn’t.

    1. What Joey said. It’s the kind of thing Daft Punk (and plenty of other French dudes like Cassius and Etienne de Crecy) do so well, for example – play around with repetition in a way that builds something really insistent. This, for me, doesn’t do that.

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