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(introducing?) Lapsley

So I am very infrequently ahead of the curve so sorry if this young lady has been all over the place and I am late to the party … but I love what this young lady does. She’s 18, from Southport and sounds very beautiful.

This one is very ‘Lordes’ in her vocal delivery, it perhaps has what you were missing from the Lordes album Brother David?

4 thoughts on “(introducing?) Lapsley

  1. Well I’m clearly behind the curve, because I haven’t heard of her either. I like this. Maybe even quite a bit. It’s very hard to pull off this sound – that delicate, soul-ish thing is a bit ubiquitous at the minute, and for every Jessie Ware (who I like), there are a million dreary girls. Also, anything that strays towards Florence vocally brings me out in hives. But this is rather lovely, and the videos also do a great job of selling her ordinary girl thing. Nice!

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