6 thoughts on “Action Bronson feat. Chance the Rapper – Baby Blue

  1. This is a fucking weird beast. It’s kind of great but it’s kind of awful. Not familiar with Action Bronson and it’s quite cute shtick he’s doing, but I dunno. Also, I know they think the’re subverting all the rap cliches and all that, but the Chance verse is almost nasty (though I get the delivery’s great) and come on guys, how about a woman not in a fucking bikini for once? After all, Action, you’re no looker yourself, man.

  2. Ha. I really enjoyed that. I’ve seen Pitchfork rate a number of Action Bronson tracks and albums but to be honest I’ve not had much motivation to go out there and listen but that’s proved to hit the spot. Thanks for sharing Brother Nolan and Happy Birthday.

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