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Be still my beating Beck heart

Too many people still associate Beck with the stoner/turntablist sound of Loser/Odelay, or maybe his Prince-lite Mindnite Vultures persona. Me, I’m all about the exquisitely chiselled, swoonsome misery of the melodies of Sea Change, which iIMHO was one of the finest records of the Noughties (ach, such a terrible word. Why isn’t there a better one?). Anyway, the rumour is that the new album is a return to that lush introspection and if this first song is anything to go by, count me *excited*!

5 thoughts on “Be still my beating Beck heart

  1. I really like this. Heard it on 6Music last week. I love Odelay, and most of the stuff I’ve come across of his, but there are so many albums of his I’ve not bought and ingested. It’s shit, but also I know I’m not sure if I could give them the time they want and need with all the other music I listen to. He’s great though, for a Scientologist. 😉

  2. I like this as well. I think I’m a bit like Guy. I always like the singles from his albums but haven’t bought a Beck album for the last ten years. May be something I shoudl get onto!

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