3 thoughts on “Jose Gonzalez – Stay Alive

  1. That’s very pleasant. I have to admit, that’s probably the first time I’ve ever listened to one of his songs all the way through. He’s an artist that everyone I know loves, but seems to have passed me by completely.

  2. I read Davids comment before listening and thought ‘hmmm thats a funny comment’ … but I completely agree with it now. It sounds like a song recorded (or more appropriately) produced for a soundtrack. I really like Mr. G. I know he’s a bit … well, you know – people who don’t like music like Jose Gonzalez but see him live … he’s incredible. I saw him at the Apollo in Manchester years ago and he was literally hypnotic. He made his guitar makes sounds I’ve never heard before. He alone, sounded like a choir, a number of guitars and a full percussion backing. I find this a little by the numbers but he carries a lot of good will from me and new album would be welcomed. Thanks for sharing. I need to create some space to post!

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