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What’s floating your boat?

Kanye/Vampire weekend aside, what’s been on rotation lately? What’s been stuck in your headphones?

Things I’m loving at the moment: 

Jagwar Ma

Ms Mr


Chic (all 4 inspired by Glastonbury)

Daft Punk

Endless mixes from Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston (in their A Love From Outer Space guise)


John Grant


What about you lot?



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5 thoughts on “What’s floating your boat?

  1. As always what I think about music / what I am listening to is coloured by my life at present … I’ve been promoted recently and we’ve got a new MD. I am working my nuts off and haven’t had anywhere near as much time to listen to music as I would like. When working (emails and writing documents – 25% of my time?) I can only really listen to instrumental music – for me The Field is my go to artist, I adore the Looping State of Mind LP – I’ve also got the 2 Grouper albums on for atmospheric chill out tunes to make me feel ‘better’. Also Caribou ‘Andorra’ has been getting a lot of attention. The Chromatics, Frank Ocean also have been making me smile. The only new album I am really listening to at the moment is ‘Monomania’ by Deerhunuter.

    All in all, life has impacted my music enjoyment recently! My daughter is being potty trained therefore bed time take about 3 hrs and we need to listen out for her so no music! + busy work + being grump = less music. I will rectify this!

    I have been feeling recently that I am just not feeling much new music though other than my go-to artists latest releases. A question for Brother David – is this what happens when you get really old?

  2. I seem to have struggled with new music lately as well though there have been some bright patches:

    New albums from Jon Hopkins and Sweatshop Union have made me smile.

    Kanye west has made me confused, and Jake Bugg has shown me that at times you should hate the game and not the player.

  3. Loving MS MR too. VERY disappointed with the Phoenix album, think they’ve jumped the shark.
    Been loving Vampire Weekend (obvs!) and I can recommend the rather excellent Hookworms album if you like that kind of thing.
    But’s it’s been a quiet summer for TUNES and albums for that matter. Still, summer ain’t over yet….

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