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Twin Shadow – Confess

OK. So … nobody needs to hear much more about how much I love this guy. ‘Forget’ the album that I sent you all some time ago is way up in my top albums of … well, ever. I was excited and nervous when his 2nd effort ‘Confess’ came out. To be honest. I was not a huge fan. It was very competent. It sounded nice. It was very ‘good’ but for me didn’t have that tug of emotion that the first had. I love debuts. I am a sucker for them. Forget was an amazing debut. Confess sounded a little ‘by the numbers’ in comparison. (i) myriad 80s influence – check (ii) relaxed tone awesome voice – check etc etc

However, I kept playing it. Purely out of loyalty. I played it and played and played it some more. Then one day I woke up and it was under my skin almost as much as the first.

‘Give it some time’ is the biggest cop out when reviewing/recommending music as most things get better with time … but not this much better.


2 thoughts on “Twin Shadow – Confess

  1. I like this; for the same formula I liked his last album. It’s fine he has 80’s influences. He’s still putting his own twist on things.

  2. Funny. I’m still struggling with it. My love for ‘Forget’ holds no bounds. Love it to death. But ‘Confess’ feels a little bit too shiny and synthy and silly 80sy. Less organic, less earthy, more of a pop sheen, but somehow less hooks to get your teeth into. And I’ve listened to it 20 times probably. Perhaps there’s still something in there I haven’t found yet. On the Brothers’ advice, I will keep digging.

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