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Stuff …

Thought I’d drop in some quick pithy reviews of recently bought stuff.

Passion Pit – ‘Gossamer’: I like Passion Pit. Loved the last album though considering that its synth based pop I never found it a constant presence, but when I had it, I love it. This one is a definite forward step. It is pure pop. The whole album. All big pop songs. All pretty darkly lyrically mind. There are pure synth pop tracks, a couple of pretty good R&B variants on synth pop + the best song that ABBA never wrote (seriously). It sounds like it would be all over the shop but for me it works. Nice album. Good driving music … and my daughters name (Silvia) pops up big style in my fave track.

Dirty Projectors – ‘Swing Lo Magellen’: 2010 was a great music year, Bitte Ocre was a great album from that year (as was Manners by Passion Pit). This is better. Yes it could be accused of being a bit too clever for its own good but here the songs are strong enough to pull it off the length of the album. Good work. The girls voice is incredible too (remember the Major Lazer track?) she should get lead vocals on more tracks

Purity Ring – ‘Shrines’: I’ve waited for a while for this one having heard the singles a while back. I really like this. Odd electronic, post dubsteppy kind of thing with a cute vocal and some tight songs. Its a bit Fever Ray. A bit Knife etc etc. Have a listen.

One thought on “Stuff …

  1. Had a listen (well to the first and last one. The middle video has been taken down). Passion Pit didn’t really do it for me at all. The cartoony samples distracted me. I quite liked the Purity Ring though. I can’t think of Passion Pit without thinking of The Peach Pit in 90210. Sorry.

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