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I’m a’ruin’ you c**t

Listen, I know I’m *really* late to this, but good god WHAT a song this is. Just cannot stop listening to it. LOVE the coyness of her vocal and the Mickey Mouse jumper mixed with the absolute filth coming out of her mouth. What a statement.

Whether or not it’s intended as a diss to Nicki Minaj, it’s one hell of a way to say you’ve arrived on the scene. Reminds me of Get Yr Freak On era Missy Elliot, with that housy vibe going on. Influenced as much by club music as hip hop.

Basically, I’m completely addicted to this song. You?

9 thoughts on “I’m a’ruin’ you c**t

  1. I’m away on business until Friday 13th July so I may take some time to respond. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Balls, this is going to do this until I’m back isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve lovd this from the moment I first heard it. Amazing record. And the video is wicked too. I’ve listened to a few other things she’s done though and been less excited about them. Ther’es an album in the offing so will be interesting to see how that shapes up as she’s been in almost everyone’s "one to watch" lists at the end of 2011.

  3. Yeah I like this. Perhaps not as much as you guys? She feels a bit too ‘packaged’ for me? I know I know. I didn’t say ‘polished’ or ‘conventionally presentable’ but I think ‘packaged’ is appropriate. I also struggle with the c word in an American accent. It just doesn’t feel right 🙂

  4. I was and am all over this for the list 6 months. It’s so good for so many occasions. Weddings, barmistfas…. crack ons, come downs, kids parties. It has it all!Seriously though I want to hear what her album brings out. She’s fired her management team last month and has scalped lots of the album apparently. I’m not too sure about the whole polished argument these days. People can make big sounding tracks in their room.. fact. Skrillex made some of his best tracks in a squat on a blown speaker (insert jokes here). You can slickly produce the pants off of anything from a laptop with a little skill these days.

  5. Agreed Brother Kane. I wan;t really talking about the production ‘packaging’ I mean the whole persona, promotion, (prepackaged) internet buzz?Im just being miserable, don’t worry.

  6. Aye, I’m willing to wait and see. Yes, she’s been on loads of ‘big for 2012’ lists, but there’s not a lot she can do about that. The only thing I hope is that, given all the hype and pressure put on her now, that she’s not felt the need to go mainstream. Reading interviews with her I’d guess not, but we’ll know when the album is out.

  7. … yeah remember what we all thought when we heard Nikki Manaj on ‘Monster’ and then she did ‘that’ album.

  8. *VERY* good point re: Nicki Minaj Brother Joey. One song does not a good album make. But I do have some faith this girl’s gonna do something. Perhaps it’s misplaced. Time will tell…

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