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Hot Flutes

I’m a self-confessed Hot Chip fanboy. So there. I said it. And I can’t wait to hear their new album and see them play live in June. This is Flutes, the new single from their upcoming album, In Our Heads, which sounds like vintage Hot Chip from the few listens I’ve had.

I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa, and the wilful geekness can get up some people’s noses, but for me they make really lovely, sometimes wistful, often dancey, always interesting electronic pop. I’ve seen them 6 times now, and I can’t wait to do it again in London and at Sonar. One Life Stand is still a thing of synthy beauty.

Listen, digest, comment.


And if you don’t like that one, then delight in this one.


14 thoughts on “Hot Flutes

  1. I love it when someone absolutely loves a band. Nice fan-boy-love Brother Guy. I have something to admit. I’ve never given Hot Chip a fair chance. My ex really liked/es them and so being a contrary, argumentative SOB I decided I wouldn’t. Yes. I know. I do have both albums. I’ve never really listened to them. Though Shake a Fist is one of my fave tracks … of all time? Which of the 2 albums should I make friends with and apologise to first?I’ll also check out this flutes business but am currently listening to a Nicki Manaj track that Im about to post …

  2. It’s not quite the obsession I have with LCD, musically, but I just love their music, their odd blend of pop/techno/house/love songs and more. And the fact they look like a strange set of uncles at a wedding that never dance but hang around looking nerdy. In effect: me. Their albums have all been great, but they’ve got better as things have gone on. Made In The Dark is great (which Shake A Fist is on) and obviously The Warning had some great stuff on it – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Boy From School, Colours, and Over and Over – but One Life Stand, Made In The Dark’s follow-up, is so much better than everything they’ve done. MITD had one or two fillers, but it’s as perfect as anything I’ve heard in the last 5 years electronic wise, and that’s a lot. I would definitely Spotify it, in fact I’d buy it. I challenge you to not like it. I’ve seen them 6 times live, and I’ve got 2 more gigs in June. I could watch them every day of the week. Yes, it’s true, I’d like to be their mates. But that’s what fanboyism’s about right? πŸ˜‰

  3. I like these. I much prefer ‘flutes’. The second is good. Its just a bit too Hot Chip πŸ™‚ feels a little Hot Chip by numbers but it is quality. Flutes is awesome though.

  4. I had no idea they’d put that much out. I do own MITD. I am driving a fair bit this weekend. I will make sure that its on and I’ll come back to you :)If Flutes is the new track then I like this direction.

  5. I’m a BIG Hot Chip fan. Maybe not quite as big as you, Guy, but I have every album and I’ve seen em live twice. This might seem an odd comparison, but they always remind me of my late teenage love for the Pet Shop Boys – electro but totally led by melody, smart arse lyrics and sometimes very poignant ones too. Oh and SO obviously gay.Not sure they’ll ever improve on The Warning in my eyes but that’s partly only because that was the album via which I fell in love with the first time. I have to say that I find MITD pretty patchy. The best tracks are – well, they’re the best they’ve ever done – but by god there’s some filler on there. And TOO many ballads.One Life Stand, however, is a cracking album that I listened to for months and months on end. So many good songs. Personally, I’d start there, Brother Joey, if you’re looking to start anywhere.So. The new tune. 7 minutes eh guys? Brave. Well, I like it a lot. It’s Hot Chip after all. But I do also wonder if it is a bit Hot Chip by numbers. It sounds a LOT like something off the last album. Maybe it’s time they moved their sound on a little bit. Ask me again in a couple of weeks. I might think it’s the single of the year by then!

  6. Yeah. I think The Warning is amazing, but after that definitely One Life Stand. That’s their most complete album. I see the PSB connection too, I always saw it really. But it was something a bit more accessible. The good/bad thing about Chris and Neil was that they were very distant and impenetrable, whereas these guys, well you feel they’re your mates, or they’re at least the sort of guys you’d see in the pub. And when I saw them in the Corsica Studios they were all wandering around before, when and after their sets. I like that. MITD has a few fantastic records on there – Shake A Fist, Ready For The Floor, One Pure Thought – but it’s a bit patchy. But OLS is sensational. They’re a real force live now. The first time I saw them it was 2004 and they were pretty ropey, but they’ve got better and better each time, and they really have a craft. They played the last ever LCD gig in the UK in London and – sadly because of James’ voice not being well – they totally trounced them. They seem to be able to write these penetrating pop songs but with an unashamedly electronic edge. It’s hard to put your finger on, they’re wilfully electronic, but there’s an emotion to their music. This is really growing on me, and there’s something to love about having a seven minute single. And while Alexis’ voice felt weak 5 years ago, it’s actually their strength and the way him and Joe (and occasionally Al) work together vocally is great. And they have weight to their songs. Brothers, even though my twin bro doesn’t really know it, seems so utterly relevant. In short, understated genii. [/fanboy]

  7. I’m a bit 50/50 with Hot Chip to be honest. Album wise I do like them. Live os another subject. I have seen them twice and haven’t been impressed to be honest with you. On that note I am looking forward to their new album!

  8. I know what you mean about them live. Some people like, some don’t. They’ve really come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years though. They were fantastic when I saw them at Ally Pally in 2011, and musically they’re really tight now. It just depends on whether you like watching 6 geeky uncles in sweaters playing synths and guitars or not. I, very much do.

  9. I’m going to mention this again as I’ve had a promo of the album for a week and haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Flutes and Night And Day are two of the highlights, for sure, but it’s going to be another fantastic album from early listens. I think they’re so underrated by the general public. It’s daft that they’ve only had one top Ten hit in the UK (Ready For The Floor). I hope this album is more of a springboard. I’m not sure how they’d fit in as really popular and mainstream, but they deserve the opportunity. I love ’em. And I’m seeing them on Weds in London and Friday in Barca. YEAH.

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