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Mr. Story Recommends …


In no ways an instant first-listen-love (for me) but this album has really grown on me. I’d suggest it to you all. There’s some lovely Electronica on here.

Here’s a few reviews …

4 thoughts on “Mr. Story Recommends …

  1. Oh I like the sound of this a lot. Love the fuzziness and the general woozy vibe. Reminds me a bit of Junior Boys. I’ll give it a bit of time and get back to you. Nice one, Joey.

  2. Thats funny Brother David. I was listening to it this morning and I think my favourite tracks are a couple of the non-vocal tracks. I think there is a similarity betweem this ablum and Caribou’s 2nd (totally forgotten the name … the one that starts with Odessa) though that is obviously a singer/songwriter who got into a production where as this is the opposite? Discuss?

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