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Song for an Entrance | Nolan

I had THE BEST intro song, or so I thought until I played it for my wife. It was a fight song, it was gritty, aggressive and punched you in the face. When I played it for my wife she looked at me with disgust. ‘What’s this shit? This isn’t you?!’. She then put this track on. ‘This is your intro!’. She was right. I never want to fight anyone, I want to enter a room and make people smile, I want high 5’s, I want memories, I want hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!

There is no scenario that this song shouldn’t be played. In fact, it’s gritty, it’s a fight song, it’s aggressive, but people will hug, smile, cry, run, walk, dance, love and motivate to it. This is actually the first song that I don’t care if it looses in spin it or bin it… this is my intro / outro and theme song.

Put me in a Western movie, walking into school as a youth, getting out of the bed..shower.. ready for work scene…. Get this on!

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