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Welcome back, Doves

Prisoners. Peak Doves.

I didn’t think that I’d see another Doves album. This is a bit of a gift. And what a gift. Ok, so it’s hardly going against the grain, but then if you’re good at doing something, what’s wrong with playing to that strength? Perhaps it isn’t all about experimentation for experimentation’s sake.

And while their early albums were superb, there’s something to love about gruff Jimi Goodwin. Plus, my god, the guitar playing on this album is AMAZING. The videos aren’t bad either. Guitars, remember them?


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5 thoughts on “Welcome back, Doves

  1. i know where David is coming from. i prefer Elbow to Doves but they certainly fit in the same ‘space’. i don’t know anyone who likes one and not the other? This is quite nice … but not much more than for me. Nothing against it or them. it just doesn’t flick any of my switches

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