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Public Enemy

This is what I’ve wanted. This is literally what I’ve been waiting for. Public Enemy, re-signed to Def Jam and angry. I grew up on Public Enemy, from age 11 they’ve been part of my life, particularly the first decade of their output (I kind of got lost after that). My lens on American politics was massively influenced by Chuck D. Therefore, I’ve been crying out for his thoughts for at least the last 4 years … and here we have them;

Go, go, go, just go
Go, go, go (we have)

Whatever it takes, rid this dictator
POTUS my tail, Ass debater
Prime-time Preemo, rhyme-time crime
Like no other in this lifetime
White house killer, dead in lifelines
Vote this joke out, or die tryin’
Unprecedented, demented, many president’d
Nazi Gestapo dictator defended
It’s not what you think, it’s what you follow
Run for them jewels, drink from that bottle
Another four years gonna gut y’all hollow
Gutted out, dried up, broke and can’t borrow

State of the Union, shut the fuck up
Sorry ass motherfucker
Stay away from me

Stay away from meMister, I am the law and you are not
In fact, I’m god, I got a lot
Mister these united breaks takeover come over
Orange hair, fear the comb-over
Here’s another scare, keep them hands in the air
Better not breathe, you dare not dare
Don’t say nothing, don’t think nothing
Make America great again the middle just love it
When he wanna talk, walk y’all straight to them ovens
Human beings of color, yeah we be sufferin’ (come on)

State of the Union, shut the fuck up
Sorry ass motherfucker
Stay away from me

Go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go

Better rock that vote or vote for hell
Real generals now, not some USFL
Not a fuckin’ game, I dare not mention his name
Operation 45, yeah it’s the same thing
Sounds like Berlin burnin’, same thing
History’s a mystery if y’all ain’t learning
End this clown show, for real a state bozo
Nazi cult 45 Gestapo

State of the Union, shut the fuck up
Sorry ass motherfucker
Stay away from me

6 thoughts on “Public Enemy

  1. Mmm. Gosh this is giving me all sorts of thoughts, some good, some bad. I mean, it’s Public Enemy goddammit, with Flavor Flav and Chuck D both in the house. I know you and I have bonded over them in the past. They were literally my gateway into hip hop and a huge part of my teenage years.

    So…is it great to hear this? God, yes. Does it feel as essential as their earlier work? Mmm. Not so sure about that. Musically, it’s just a reheat of their sound, and to be honest, the lyrics, though powerful and angry, are not as sharp and on point as Chuck D in his prime. The ‘chorus’ refrain in particular feels a bit half-baked.

    It’s hard not to compare to RTJ, and I do wonder if they come across 2nd best in comparison. But listen, these are guys turning 60 (yup, just checked!) still making music like this. So criticising them for not feeling contemporary feels a bit unfair. At the same time, compared to A Tribe Called Quest’s recent comeback album, which I thought was pretty blistering, I wonder if this might feel a little less on point. Let’s wait for the album to drop and then we’ll see…

    1. As much as it pains me to say, I tend to agree with Brother David on this. This is allot to listen to at the moment and as I’ve turned to this on a couple occasions over the last week I have moved onto something else fairly swiftly.

  2. Let’s be straight here – this isn’t a patch on RTJ4. This isn’t a patch on ‘We got it from here …’ either but as you say, it’s PE, Premier, Nas etc and they are fucking angry. Not every album can be the best album of the year and this isn’t. But … did I say it’s Chuck and Flav calling Trump a Mother Fucker?

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