3 thoughts on “Dirty Projectors – Overlord

  1. They’re dropping EPs quarterly it seems! March and June. I’ve never fully got into Dirty Projectors. Stacey and I listened to Bitte Orca a lot back pre-kids … but I always find them difficult to get into. They always felt like they were trying to hard to be musically clever and intricate first and listenable second. This stuff seems more accessible and less knowing. Maybe I need to have a proper run through their most recent stuff. So much music and so little time.

  2. This is a funny one. As I heard it on 6music and it was an instant connection for me. Then it got rinsed so much I got a bit bored of it.

    However, coming back to it now, it really was enjoyable. There’s a bit of Beth Orton going on for me here, or perhaps a bit of jazzed-up Marling. But also a case of my expectation of what the singer looked like being totally confounded.

    If they’re many albums in, perhaps I’ll end up filing in the large bucket of ‘stuff that’s completely passed me by’.

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