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Rhye – Waste (RY X Remix)

I loved the Rhye debut but then lost touch with them … Spotify told me to listen to this, so I did. And I love it. I don’t know the original but this track is a beauty all in it’s own right. Oooof. I am pretty blown away by this one.

4 thoughts on “Rhye – Waste (RY X Remix)

    1. Its amazing isn’t it! Ok. Rhye is VERY easy listening. I’ve considered their debut for AOTM but decided it was too vanilla for the brothers. It’s a little too-Sade me thinks for such rough necks as yourselves. However, I could be very wrong, and hey, we’re all getting older and some easy listening might not be bad thing. Start here with the opening track of their debut album …

      This link is to their You Tube page including all remixes.

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