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August – The Internet ‘Hive Mind’

Welcome brothers. Happy August, happy Summer. Please may I introduce ‘The Internet’

Why have I only just come across these guys?  I had not heard of ‘The Internet’ until Wednesday. I reviewed my Spotify ‘listened to in 2018’ folder where I keep all of the new music I am listening to and from which I then chose to buy the best of. Each album that I loved and considered for AOTM I then qualified-out for one reason or the other.

I considered Tove Stryke ‘Sway’, pure unadulterated Scandi-Pop. I decided no as it is only really a mini-album of 8 tracks, one of which is a demo-cover so 7 tracks really. They’re all perfect 3 minute pop songs but I talked myself out of it when I realised the main reason I love it is that my son can’t not dance when it’s on so it’s getting a lot of air-time in Casa Story. My other thought was the new Yo Lo Tengo, which I love, but good god is it a ‘me’ album which I am also sure means it’s not a brothers album. It’s a bit dense, noodly and by a million miles not their best so it seemed an odd choice. I also considered the new Twin Shadow and a few others but my heart was not in them and I could not 100% ‘stand behind’ them.

So I started looking for new music reviews that excited me and found ‘Hive Mind’ by the Internet. There are lots of facts and figures that I could copy and paste about these guys … but I won’t as it means nothing to me. What does mean something is that I put this on to road-test it and feel immediately in-love with it. Where has music like this been? It’s probably there but just not been in my world. Between Weds evening and now (Friday lunch time) I think I’ve listened to this at least 12 times, start to finish. I love it.

This ticks so many boxes for me. The groove, the beat, lovely vocals, strong lyrics, humour and a ‘proper’ 13 track-album. You’ll hear lots of things in this album. David, lots of lovely nods to much of what we spent much time playing back in the day of 90’s R&B/Pop. They seem to have distilled all the best, most credible elements of mainstream R&B and blended them into something that feels referential as well as fresh.

I’ve been waiting a long time for something to grab me like Lucy Pearl did and while this doesn’t have the obvious bangers like ‘Dance Tonite’ or ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’ the beautiful, luscious soundscape is there.

Some albums are summer albums, some winter albums. Some music is morning music, some night music. Background music vs. headphone tracks. This feels universal to me. So far, I find it to be a stunner and hope you enjoy living with it to.

Have a look at their vids on YouTube as it reveals more about them and made me fall even deeper for them.

Happy Hive Mind.

5 thoughts on “August – The Internet ‘Hive Mind’

  1. So. Apols for being so slow (though it looks like we’ve all been!), life and holidays and Caz’s crazy new job news, after many interviews and lots of stages of increasing excitement, has rather dominated the summer.

    Anyway. Have had this on repeat throughout our summer fun, and it really is a belter. The 90s R&B vibes are strong on this one as you say, Brother J, and it just makes me feel nostalgic and happy, and what more could you want? It’s great car music, it’s great for groovin in the house, it’s just great. Love the production, love that woozy feel, but at the same time, it’s not self-indulgent and it’s a pretty tight listen. It reminds me quite a lot of Kali Uchis’s album, Isolation, which also came out this year, and is another belter.

    If I had to nit pick, I’d say that not all the songs are as strong as each other, and there is a little touch of the band treading water now and again. But actually, not that often. I agree that it’s maybe one or two MASSIVE tunes short of being a stone cold classic. But anything that calls to mind Prince, Lucy Pearl, Lenny Kravitz (yes, Lenny Kravitz), Stevie Wonder, TLC and Outkast all in one is doing a pretty tasty job.


  2. I think it’s fair to say that I greeted this album with trepidation. I love some classic r’n’b but I’ve never really been a fan of much later than 1999. I dunno, it’s never really found a home with me. So I honestly had pretty low expectations, ready to file with Moses Sumney, Anderson Paak et al with albums I’ll probably burn, listen a few times then sell it on eBay (sorry, that’s happened).

    I’m pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in love with this, but it’s a good listen. There’s some really lovely stuff on here. I’m still only a few listens in, but I’m not switched off in the way I was with the two albums I’ve referenced before. I need to listen more to reference which tracks I like but blow me down, This is alright.

    But Jesus, I feel ANCIENT listening to it.

  3. In a word this album is very satisfying, very satisfying. They had me at ‘Roll’ and it was smooth sailing after that.

    Intentionally I decided not to delve into these guys on the internet as there is a fair bit of hype around them and they have a big label behind them. On that note I don’t see why I have issue with that; perhaps it’s middle age?

    There is arguably filler in this album, or is there. I’d argue you want a little thriller with your filler on an album like this. I found it easy to get through, and often would catch myself humming away to it.

    Good choice, I like it!

  4. Hi guys. I am glad that largely people are having a positive experience with this one. Some interesting comments …
    – Killer/Filler: for me this a level, consistent album, as mentioned there are outright floors filler killer tracks and potentially most of it could be played on Radio 2. But hey. With hi’s come low’s and for me this album is a great listen all the way through and often on multiple repeats. It kind of flows into and through each of the tracks. I can understand people wanting more but for me i find it relaxing, it makes me smile and it makes me feel … romantic? sexy? Did I just say that!? We’re all friends no stress!
    – Making you feel old – sorry Guy hope that feeling’s not lasted! It reminds me so much of late 90’s early 00’s that I think if anything it might make me feel younger! I guess that’s just an overly positive way of looking at that!?
    – ‘The Internet’ is a shit name …

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