5 thoughts on “Childish Gambino – This Is America

  1. The video is, of course, all anyone’s been talking about for the past fortnight. And it is brilliant. It’s all about the background, which is exactly the point, as we’re being asked to think about how we’re distracted from the grit (and prejudice) of real life by the foreground (celeb culture, tv, fake news etc).

    This is honestly the first of Donald Glover’s tracks I’ve ever knowingly listened to. And I like it. Though having heard it on the radio, it’s a good tune, no doubt, but just the music has far less of an impact.

    Still, wow.

  2. Ok … I wanted to write this quickly as I’ve not seen the video. I’ve only heard the track … and I think it’s freaking awesome. It’s blowing my mind. It’s a huge punch of a track. Ok. Gonna watch the video now …

  3. I think the track is a game changer alone. Video is great but can it or leave it. That track is awesome. Are we going to get an album of that though?

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