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Tracey Thorn – Record

A classic case of ‘if only this had been out 8 weeks ago’ because I’ve been waiting for it for ages, and it’s not disappointed. I’ve long been a Tracey fan, even though for EBTG I was only a cursory listener, and only really came back to them after reading both Tracey and Ben Watt’s brilliant memoirs in recent years.

With all the #metoo movement’s focus, this album is very much 2018. Produced by Ewan Pearson – so the production is absolutely perfect – so the tracks are electronically-tinged, it’s a modern paean to feminism and being a woman. But it’s the melodies and songwriting that have got me. This is the epic highlight – Sister – 8 plus minutes of balearic, modern pop music. I couldn’t recommend it more. This track also gets some belting remixes from Andrew Weatherall, what more could you want?



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5 thoughts on “Tracey Thorn – Record

  1. Do so, pronto, brother David. It’s such a track, and bits of it make me get some dust in my eye, especially Go, and I also love Dancefloor. The melodies are great, and tight, and the lyrics are fantastic.

  2. Hey guys. I’ve had this on my radar too but never got to it. My dad was a huge EBTG early work fan. I think it was around the Idlewild album which was ’88 so I guess I was 11. I had an Uncle who was a huge music fan and introduced my Dad and I to loads of great music in the 80s. EBTG are a real standout from Clive’s record collection. I’ll dip right into the new album today and come back with my thoughts. Possibly a missed AOTM opportunity?

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