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Arcade Fire: Everything Now


Lordy lord. What is this? I loved the first two Arcade Fire albums so hard, and then seemed to go right up their fundaments, becoming more pompous and boring and alt-stadium rock with every release.

So count me astonished that this seems to have come out of nowhere. And what is this they’re channelling? Why, it’s surely a touch of ABBA’s Dancing Queen? Dancing Queen with a huge existenial lyric, a bit of nose flute and a giant choir?


This will piss off the rock purists so badly.
This makes me so happy.
I’ve listened to this 25 times in the past week.

NOTE TO ALL BANDS: Find your inner Agnetha and Annifrid, and all will be well.

One thought on “Arcade Fire: Everything Now

  1. Fully 100% on this one. I didn’t think I’d hear this sort of song from them, so it’s really interesting to hear them go so obviously pop. But then they always had a good ear for a hook or a big chorus but nothing so overt as this. The album arrives today, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it all fits together.

    You see, I think as a band, they’re inevitably going to change and develop as they go on. It’s almost impossible for a band that’s started as something pretty idiosyncratic and ‘small show’ (violins, hurdy-gurdy, etc) to when they gradually become bigger and bigger. ‘Twas ever thus: U2 & Coldplay and are cases in point. I love the latter’s first two albums, but they went full bollocks at X&Y. U2 had it better for loner, but even at Zooropa, and Achtung Baby, the band was already going up Bono’s arse and since the early 00s they’ve been flabby and embarrassing.

    I actually LOVE The Suburbs, even though it’s not like Funeral, and Neon Bible was something different, even if it was pretty melancholy and bleak. They’re a bunch of art-school kids, who want to do something self-contained with each album. They weren’t exactly folky when they made Funeral, and while you could absolutely say they’re pretentious, I sort of admire them about having these big grandiose ideas, and then trying to make a new statement each album. Not many bands can be that big and have so few hit singles, still surviving on the strength of albums and touring. It’s nicely old school.

    This is a BANGER though.

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